Monday, September 6, 2010


Allow me to pimp it a bit with a small dose of shameless self-promotion.

1) I was featured in At the Bijou's 100 Authors of September series where blogmaster Absolutely-Kate Pilarcik matches a current scribe (in this case little 'ol me) with two other like-minded authors she thinks are of the same ... ilk. I'm honored. She paired me up with good 'ol Buk and some scribe with wanderlust named Jack Kerouac. Fab Kate has posted some quotes from each of our work so go and see if you can check which one belongs to me. I'm actually embarrassed I almost got it wrong. Check it out HERE.

2) I was recently interviewed by Timothy Grayson, blogmaster at the eclectic Phantasmagoric Radio. The blog is chock-full of musings where he waxes poetic on ... well, he explains the mission statement best himself so allow me to crib: "Let’s get down and find the kinds of people who are raw and don’t have to worry about fame or fortune leveraging the quality from their creations. The only benefit these people are getting from their work is the fact that they might be able to gain some perspective by being true in the online public. Let’s go and love these people and take what they have to say personally; it’s our choice to consider what they say and do and then to find the meaningfulness for ourselves."

Check out our quick little Q&A and his nifty sketch of me where he was kind enough to give moi more hair. Check it our HERE.

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  1. Hey, congrats on being cast in the same mold as Buk. I had a lot of fun trying to figure out the who's who over those; and why shouldn't you promote it? You're a great writer and deserve some notice.

    Toot that horn, bud. ;)

    Hope your weekend was awesome.

  2. Blow that trumpet, mate. Congrats. Ever since I've been reading your work, Anthony, I've known there was something special about your writing. Well done, dude!

  3. Awesome interview. And that sketch was great!

    Imagine, putting you in the same category as Buk and Kerouac. ;) Yep, you fit there just fine.

  4. Awesome!!!

    You are most deserving and toot your horn loud, brother!!!

  5. Great interview, Anthony. Although, I was eager for a few more ask and tells. The drawing is perfect!

  6. congrats on the press, anthony! you deserve it, man.

  7. Congratulations on the coverage!

    I'm not sure I see comparing you to Kerouac though. I'm not a Kerouac fan, but I am one of yours. :)

    And yes, the sketch was awesome.

  8. Great interview, Ant. I agree with the assessment of others -- you are a GREAT writer! And it's been fun to see you get so amazing over the past year or so (you've come a long way, baaaaaby). And love the promo stuff from AK -- Buk, Jack - yep. Peace...

  9. Cool interview, Ant. i love your view on the whole blogging experience in general. You are so awesome at keeping up with blogs, i don't know how you do it, but its so much appreciated. I like the sketch too.

    I'll have to go check out what's goin' on at The Bijou. Sounds neat.


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