Monday, September 27, 2010


So "Boardwalk Empire," has taken a huge chunk of my time lately as covering the new HBO series has become a new beat of sorts at my job. So I apologize if I haven't popped by your blog. I just have to get a handle on some timing and I will be back to norm. That said, each week I will link to my lengthy "Boardwalk Empire" recaps chock full of tidbits and Atlantic City lore. They will be located on the web site of my newspaper.

Episode Two: "The Ivory Tower"

Episode One: "Pilot"

The New Jersey Online "Boardwalk Empire" Blog

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  1. Hey Anthony, that's a serious article. I can see why you've been busy. Def not my kind of show, but it seems from the comments, some are really wanting to get into it. You are impressive. =D


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