Monday, September 13, 2010


So, let's say it's about 1955 and you're in Greenwich Village -- specifically at Cafe Bohemia. You're going to see this up and coming trumpet player people have been buzzing about.

Suppose it's a crisp autumn night in the city and the wind whips through the street. You walk up to the club with your cupcake, and under the marquis you see ... this. Cool, huh?

Thanks to the awesome blog "If Charlie Parker Were a Gunslinger..."

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  1. It would be cool up until my date called me cupcake.

    In junior high a guy called me cupcake once and I punched him in the face. I suppose that's not very cool. =D
    (it wasn't hard and I wasn't good at it. Sorry Glen. LOL)

  2. If only I had a time machine. I'd never come back...

  3. RaShelle. Cupcake can be cutesy endearing if given from someone you have a rapport with that says it in a way to make you laugh. If said seriously, UGH, die of embarrassment huh?

    But when my BF calls me doll face or sweetheart especially when he's about to rant or say something seemingly profound or maybe even negative and he's trying to disarm me with it, I start laughing before he lets the next word out. Disarm them first! (Men would hate it if you laughed at them when saying something serious. Egos and all).

  4. The clubs don't let you take your own food, even if it's a cupcake.

  5. If you came across this? You'd be much cooler than I am.

  6. Miles Davis and a cupcake, you're giving me a sweet tooth... Cool indeed


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