Saturday, January 16, 2010


OK, guys... We all know that whiskey is a broad term for describing different variations of the spirit. Several regions and countries that make whiskey have their own distilling rules and regulations for the hooch to be considered official.

In the simplest of terms, whiskey is comprised of water, a grain and yeast (if you add hops to those three, you get beer), and is aged in oak casks. The way you manipulate these ingredients accounts for all of the different varieties.

So instead of being like Mikey in "Swingers" (above) and snagging "Any Glen...", check out this nifty cheat sheet that describes the subtle differences between this glorious giggle water.


  1. Nice post Anthony. I live about half a mile from Scotland's oldest whisky distillery, The Glenturret. It's now owned by The Famous Grouse, but they still produce the fine single malt Glenturret. A remendous drink if you can get hold of a bottle. I have a 30 year old special edition bottle (only 500 produced) single malt that I've been advised to keep. I look at it at least once a week, just wondering what it tastes like.......

    Glenturret Distillery

  2. A very enlightening post, thanks Anthony. I only usually drink single malt Scottish Whisky neat, but I like Jameson's Irish Whiskey for a cheaper alternative. A Scottish friend told me that a little drop of water can unlock the complexities of a single malt, which I do from time to time -- it's nice to see it corroborated here. My favourite whisky's have a strong smokey flavour and seem to evaporate on the way down.

  3. Thanks guys for your comments...

    David: That bottle sounds amazing. I wouldn't be able to have the willpower to keep it closed.

    Barry: I, too, drink it neat/ Every now and then I'm compelled to do what you said. Splash of water but ... I dunno... My palate just tastes watered down hooch...

    Glad to see we like the same kinda smokey flavors...

  4. Will you being a tequila primer soon?

  5. Ant, May I have Strawberry Daquairi?


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