Thursday, January 7, 2010


Next time you're writing witty banter between characters ask yourself -- I mean really ask yourself -- if you're ballsy with the words your characters utter.

Mark Millar is...

I've always admired comics creator Mark Millar. If there ever was a Bukowski-esque scribe in comics it's him. The reason being is that he's all out ballsy in his dialogue and makes no apologies for what he writes. Not to mention, he seem like a heck of a guy to grab a beer with...

His prolific work is highly entertaining without coming off as pretentious and, in my opinion, rivals almost anything by Frank Miller (Sin City, 300) or Neil Gaiman (Sandman - which ranks as one of my all-time favorites).

This brings me to this admittedly shocking trailer for the upcoming adaptation of his comic "Kick Ass." The definitely NSFW vid comes complete with extreme profanity and explicit acts of violence, both of which are being doled out by a cute-as-a-button little girl. Those offended by cursing shouldn't watch.

And remember... Next time you're writing, think about dialogue. Maybe some of you may think this is just for shock factor, but you must admit, it IS different.

Enjoy... And remember, be ballsy. Like Mark Millar


  1. There's no room for prudishness or piousness in writing. You've got to be honest and not worry what anyone will think -- your mother, your wife, your priest, whatever.

    We've been exposed to so much shocking content in movies, books, TV, and the internet now, that what once would have shocked us is considered normal.

    Perhaps one of the only sacred things left is the innocence of children, which is why his subversion of this remains effective.

  2. Well said Barry.
    I have twin daughters - one of them is an evil princess, and the other eats her cereal in the dark. I'm a proud mother.


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