Wednesday, March 10, 2010


By now, we all know that George Clooney is a guy's guy and all and probably one of the coolest men on the planet. That's a given. It's not because he channeled Frank as a modern Danny Ocean. Nope. It's not because he doesn't take himself too seriously and it's not because he trades in those model girlfriends as if they were leased vehicles. Ok, well maybe we know he's cool for THAT one.

But seriously, here it is the second time he's up against Jeff Bridges for the Oscar and entire world pretty much knew he was going to lose. So did he. That's why we love him for flashing reporters his flask of liquid courage.

Wonder what he had in it... Check out the video.


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  2. He is a cool dude, but maybe he'd been tipped off about an attempt on his life and the hip flask was going to save him. (There's a story in there somewhere.) It would havebeen a helluva waste of good scotch though. ;-)

    Good post Anthony and thanks for the comment regarding my PHP antho acceptance.

  3. Am I the only one who's left unimpressed (and sometimes annoyed) by this thing Clooney has that you all call "cool"? Call me old fashioned, but I think "cool" has to balance hubris with humility.

  4. Allie my dear...

    If you don't understand cool (which you should cuz you have a cool husband), it can't be explained...

  5. I think my kool kat husband perfectly balances hubris and humility. Clooney's charms are so transparent. They apparently work quite well on men, who as we all know are easily impressed. Or maybe this is what insomnia does to my brain.

  6. hmmm, yes that Clooney is a character. As a young dude I probably thought of being that awesome lanky fellow with grizzled gray hair (at age 25, LOL, it worked for Richard Gere didn't it?), full eyebrows and unnaturally tan skin. Heh, ya I probably imagined it. Is Clooney cool? Hell, he's the picture in the dictionary next to the word. LOL


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