Thursday, June 9, 2011

BOSSA NOVA BELLHOP (#fridayflash)

Press play for some mood music

Pablo worked as a bellhop over at The Biltmore. In fact, Sully Klein, the hotel's manager, said that if he kept up the good work, there's be an entry-level concierge position for him come time for the holiday rush.

"I hear good things about you, kid..." Sully would say every now and then pinching his cheek. "You're getting a rep." Pablo would just smile, nod, thanks his boss and continue on.

Pablo was Brazilian, and, as such, knew a thing or two about the opposite sex. The other bellhops would often joke that Pablo probably came out of the womb flirting with the nurse.

Still, Pablo did his thing. Day in. Day out. A good worker. A solid earner. He did everyone proud.

# # #

It was a little after midnight and the wedding in the Sterling Room was almost over. The event was packed with about 300 drunks and after making eye contact with one in particular, he motioned for the hallway. Ultimately, the pair made their way to his lovepad - Room 724.

Truth be told, this one tonight was a little bit old for the bellhop's taste but he'd been sipping some Canadian Club throughout the wedding so he was just buzzed enough to do the deed.

After setting the mood with some records that he kept on hand, they kissed. She smelled like a mixture of Chanel, maraschino cherries and gin. In a weird way, that did the trick. She noticed and the groping got underway. He asked her to disrobe.

Watching her, Pablo lit a Pall Mall, dropped his chinos and hopped onto the spongy mattress.

Exhaling, Pablo smiled, looked at the older woman and said, "The price is twenty bucks..."

The squeaks cam fast and furious and fifteen minutes later, she was back at the wedding at her table and he was at his station in the lobby.

Another happy customer compliments of the Bossa Nova Bellhop.

MUSIC: Antonio Carlos Jobim - Desafinado. It can be downloaded HERE. Photo: Courtesy of The Hound Blog.


  1. Hehe that's one cheeky bellhop - he certainly knows how to make tips on the side!

    Love the photo and of course the mood music too!

  2. Nothing like a wedding to make a quick Grant off an old woman looking for the fire she's watching get hitched.

    I might keep your page open for the music :)

  3. Interesting switch that he's the one doing the charging...brilliant descriptions though.

  4. That kid...that's some job he's got! Nicely told story with a twist, Anthony.

  5. Was not expecting the prostitution angle. Very much liked it.

  6. Hey, ours could almost be crossovers this week Anthony! I do their first meeting, you do their reception.

  7. hey just a gigolo, every where he goes!

  8. I have missed your Friday flash pieces.. another "cheeky" one.. (ps- i may be back )

  9. Ant, I could see the room, the dame and the bellhop clearly. He did the Bosanova with style and she shoud have paid him more. Love your basement work.

    Jeanette Cheezum

  10. Ah, how slick that Pablo is! Great fun piece Ant!

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