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Thursday, October 8, 2015


The version of this post that I published last year was so popular that it warrants an update. And honestly, what a difference a year makes. There are still some holdovers from last year with a few newbies popping up. I urge anyone who is interested in indie- or self-publishing to subscribe to as many of the shows as possible.


Entrepreneur Jim Kukral and writer Bryan Cohen have been delivering the goods in their entertaining and very topic-worthy podcast. From Jim's occasional rants (which are hilarious) to Bryan's analysis on writing trends and tips, this is a must-listen show that has solidly built a loyal community. If you only subscribe to one show, THIS should be it.


In terms of sheer information, writer Steve Scott's SELF PUBLISHING QUESTIONS is a Godsend. In roughly 82 episodes, the self-publishing titan will teach you how to do everything from market your book to how to find a domain to how to navigate Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing platform. I've often listened to shows more than once. They're quick and zippy. There isn't a subject that Scott doesn't approach.

3) THE AUTHOR BIZ (Via iTunes)

Host Stephen Campbell sounds exactly like the kind fella you'd wanna have a beer or two with. His affable nature and conversational tone make his podcast one of the industry's best. Interviewing heavy-hitters in the self-publishing world, Campbell dives into their writing process as well as their marketing and entrepreneurial aspects of their business. Perfect listening for a long commute.

4) WRITE 2B READ (Via iTunes)

Upstart Ani Alexander is the newcomer of the bunch but don't discount her. A fiction author as well as an emerging publishing guru, she usually has her finger on the pulse of what's happening next in terms of the technical and social media tools that authors can use for their business. It's an eclectic show that always delivers.


Johnny B. Truant, Sean Platt and David Wright - the original rock stars and indie-publishing gurus - have recently retooled and relaunched their groundbreaking show. While I'd be the first to admit that, at times, the old format went a tad off the rails for me, this svelte new show is laser-sharp, focused and usually features a guest or specific writing topic. If you wanna learn how to build a bonafide fiction factory, these are the guys to learn from.


Entrepeneur Jim Kukral, one-half of the excellent SELL MORE BOOKS SHOW and visionary behind the Author Marketing Institute, gives us quick, no-nonsense interviews with the industry's leading authors, marketers and booksellers. Each episode, Kukral and his guests teach us how to build our business, tell great stories as well as how to design an e-book cover that sells. If building a book-based biz is your goal, this guy has the goods.


Hosted by the den mother of our self-publishing nation, Joanna Penn continues to help the masses by chronicling her own journey. Whether it's singing the praises of new and emerging platforms or branching out to such mediums as audiobooks or foreign translations, Penn not only interviews guests that have done it all, but tells us how she herself is navigating the oft-unforgiving indie-publishing waters. She's truly a voice that's comfortable in the world that she's in.


Another relatively new show, Dan Dynneson is committed to helping authors achieve success by highlighting specific nuts and bolts tools and case studies. There's always a healthy mix of business, branding and genre-specific advice. What's more, he's quickly becoming a guru who knows how to work the tools in cyberspace (check out his awesome Instagram feed).


Simon Whistler's excellent podcast was really the first show that I actively listened to. (Disclosure: I was a guest on his 27th episode). In addition to the show and a great resource page, Simon has also written two books to help authors with aspects of their business and has an amazing (and free!) course on how to create an author web site. What I specifically like about Simon's show is that it's one of the longer shows out there. You can grab a cup of java, sit down and relax as he interviews some of the most successful indie scribes in the biz. It's another weekly staple.

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So I figure I'd drop the goods on a podcast I'm producing at my day job. It's called TV HANGOVER. The concept is fun conversation about TV between a lofty critic and an obsessed superfan. From highbrow ('The Leftovers') to lowbrow ('Bachelor in Paradise'), the rants and gripes are fast and furious and comprehensive.

Check it out and subscribe in the iTunes store or on Stitcher.


00:40 — This week we’re watching: “The Grinder,” “Homeland,” “The Affair,” “The Good Wife”
2:35 — “The Leftovers” kicks off season 2 with odd opening
8:44 — “Serial” coming to TV; “Dr. Ken” scores high ratings; and reboots on the way
18:36 — Is the 30-minute comedy format in jeopardy?
24:34 — “Quantico” is ruling TV, but our Super Fan isn’t impressed
31:03 — ABC Family is rebranding, but will that help?
34:28 — Vicki chats with N.J.’s Manny Cabo about stint on “The Voice”
42:38 — Wrap-up

TV HANGOVER, EP. 4: 'The Leftovers' returns, 'Quantico' soars and Vicki interviews 'The Voice' contestant TV critic Vicki Hyman and super fan Erin Medley agree to hate “Dr. Ken” but are divided on drama “Quantico.” New Jersey’s Manny Cabo talks about wowing judges on NBC’s “The Voice.” Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or Stitcher.

Subscribe to my newsletter for upcoming book news, pop culture goodies, noir delights and all things gin-soaked. Never spam - just utter coolness from time to time.