Wednesday, April 7, 2010

SUITCASES (poem & podcast)

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I got the suitcases out
of the garage. I just
need the big black one.
Gotta love it.
This is an important
trip. Lots riding on it.
I never quite got used to
the concept of flying.
I mean, I’m an old pro
by this point, but
it still fills me with
dread every time I see
those terminal signs pepper the
highway on my approach.
All sorts of fucked up shit
goes through my brain.
Is the pilot drunk?
How’s the weather?
Any engine troubles?

Five minutes before, we
board I pop open the
valium and - out like a light.

Almost four hours later, I’m
strapped into an excuse
of a seat with
the turbulence
taunting everyone.
Obviously, I’m a wreck.
My secret is to watch the
stewardesses. If
they look worried, I’m
fucked. We’re all fucked.
They’re the fail-safe.
Cutie-pies in the sky serving
coffee and a smile.

But soon, we land. And I
relax. Another notch.
We taxi in.
But then, I have to
find my suitcase.
And it begins
all over again.

"Suitcases" by Anthony Venutolo is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License. Hosted by The Internet Archive, download MP3 here. Music by Distmia, track No. 5 "Cita Fallida" from the disc "Cuando la Ciudad Duerme," and provided by Jamendo. Sound effect "ArrivalAnnounced" provided by "acclivity" at the Freesound Project.


  1. you nailed every one of my travel anxieties in this one. excellent. even added a few, is the pilot drunk?? I need a drink.

  2. The worst part about traveling is the travel part. I was a nervous wreck reading this. Great job. (loved the podcast too)

  3. Well done (and totally appropriate for me today). I remember the sheer joy of flying when I was a kid - now it's just one more pain in the ass to deal with, and you nailed that very well.

  4. I remember reading this before and liking it then. It's GREAT with the audio broadcasting. You capture the spirit of frequent traveling with this piece. Love your prose.

  5. Yeah, Jodi ... I had it posted here before -- but for some reason, it was unpublished. That's why it may seem familiar to some. But thanks to everyone stopping by and reading it again...

    -- Ant

  6. Ant,this is exactly the way I feel. My heart starts thumping to the point sometimes I think I'll have a panic attack. Heights and small places are not my thing.
    Your audio really sets this off.

  7. Jeanette Cheezum

    The above comment was mine. Google wouldn't accet my name today.

  8. Yeah, if it weren't for the packing and airports and the cramped planes, flying would be fun.

    Love the reading and the moody music. You're an artist, Ant.

  9. Nice little slice of angst. Perfectly read as usual. I loved the background music too. Sidenote, I had to listen twice, the first time I had another browser window open buried out of sight that started playing video at the same time yours did. It was weirdly in synch for a minute. I was like, wow, Anthony, that's pretty avant-garde...

  10. I think this is great: "the turbulence taunting everyone." I think you're reawakening my love of poetry, Anthony.

  11. I missed this one the first time around - nice piece, Anthony. You left off my worries about flying ... a) will we be able to haul all of our crap for two adults and two kids through the airport, and b) will my kids stay quiet and sit still during the flight? But i like this a lot - your mc worries about flying but has needed to come to terms with it in some sense. Great recording, too.

  12. Loved it, really enjoyed your audio reading, great performance.


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