Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Storytelling can come in a variety of manners and forms and it's amazing what can be done with so little. Hemingway knew that. So did Raymond Carver.

Last Winter, Google produced an ad that aired during the Super Bowl that told a story from the perspective of a man who finds love in Paris through as assortment of a Google tools. It was stupendous. Check it out HERE. It's a must-view.

As a result of how popular it was, Google is now inviting people to make their own search story using a simple tool that takes searches and puts them into a short half minute video.

The searches can be web, maps, images, books, blogs, products or news. You can also order them in seven slots and then pick music to run over the top. Pretty cool stuff. And addicting.

While I didn't exactly construct a story (the Paris one can't be topped, I think), I did manage to construct a pseudo-commercial for the digs here at Bukowski's Basement.

Check that out as well as other fun Google Search Stories after the jump.

After my bummer #FridayFlash about Bert from "Sesame Street" losing his beloved Ernie, I figure I'll make up for the gloom by posting this cute vid:

Uh-0h... It's the end of the world (funny)...

Can you say Jack Kerouac and 'On The Road'?


  1. way cool ant! Very creative and smart, very much in the spirit of the original - send it in!

  2. This is so cool! The Bert one was hilarious, but I really enjoyed your Buk's Basement search. I think I might have to try this.

  3. I think you guys would have a hoot giving it a shot...

    Laurita, I think you may be able to spin a good yarn with your penchant for folklore...

  4. Damn, Ant ~ you're a genre king! So dug that Superbowl commercial's creativity as being new tech-edge and yep, there YOU are playin' the feel just right.

    Blew me away with the Bert bottlecaps to the point of havin' to sing "Rubber Ducky you're the one" ... then I got to the crafty-ass moves On The Road with Jack. Music zinged it all. Hear this:

    My applause,
    ~ Absolutely*Kate

  5. Awesome! My favorite was the Zombie one. :)


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