Thursday, January 13, 2011

CAUGHT IN THE MIDDLE (#fridayflash)

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Like last week, I am going to my creative well once again (for various reasons) and dusting off (and perhaps tinkering with) this older piece. Most #fridayflashers will read this as new as very few people originally read this. I hope you enjoy...

# # #

He was late.

Sharon looked out the window hoping to see the lopsided headlights of that godforsaken Trans Am, but all that drove by were the humdrum sedans usually reserved for rental fleets.

It was after 10 and Billy should've brought Gary back by now but her ex-husband had a history of being late, so this wasn't all that unusual. Still, what an asshole, she thought.

When she was done with the dishes she heard the gravel in her driveway mushed by the growls of Billy's 455 engine, and it wasn't long before a little body popped out and ran into the house.

As the boy flicked the hallway light on, Sharon was horrified by what she saw.

"What in Jesus happened to you?" she asked her son, hoping it was some sort of all-too-realistic prank he and his pop were playing.

"Dad did it. Ain't it rad?" he said proudly looking into a mirror.

Outside, Billy leaned on the Pontiac and reached inside to lower the Def Leppard. He wore that same smirk the night they met when he thought she was the end-all and be-all of barmaids.

"What the fuck, Billy?" hands outstretched, was all she could muster.

He smirked even harder. "I told you, the next time you hand him off to me in a prissy tie and creampuff shirt, I'd make a man outta him."

"Oh, and I suppose that fucking mohawk makes him a man?!" she screamed.

"It's a start," he grunted, flicking his cigarette into a pile of half-melted snow. "We're buying a gun next week."


  1. Ok, first of all I saw the photo and was thinking what does it have to do with the piece? The I got it! Nice way to show tension between the couple. Characters felt real. Story was real. Nice.

  2. I didn't know you were writing a prequel to Taxi Driver. Congratulations on the hire, Anthony! You'll save Deniro's career yet.

  3. The child is again the pawn in the battle of the sexes. But he sure likes his hair. That last sentence about the gun probably happens a lot more than we'd like to think...

  4. Excellent story Ant! Love the last line!
    Well done!

  5. That's one hell of a last line Ant! I can't tell you the last time I heard "rad". You showed us their relationship very well, poor kid.

  6. Haha wow, I guess he showed her...? *snicker* This one was fun! LOL

  7. Paint it red white and blue and let that manhawk soar. Uh... Ma? There's also somethun' called a buzz cut..

    Ant, yuo're awesome. ;-)

  8. That, sir was really fucking awesome...loved reading it.

    Mohawks are the epitome of cool :D


  9. Lesson One in the bestseller, "How to Piss Off Your Ex"... :)

    Awesome story, Ant. As always.

  10. Anthony - Mohawks and Def Leppard. The kid'll be the kewlest in the skewl. (And, divorce of no, it's good to respect each other, if you can, so the kid doesn't suffer the consequences.) LOL. Very funny. I loved it! =D

  11. Nothing like using a child as a shrapnel of war, right? Two parents of the year here. Poor kid.

  12. Since you had that Mrs Webster chick at the Trans Am, I'll have to go for how I always love the supercool swish and sway of how you dig those cool lines in here and there and all around and your tales just swing:

    "He wore that same smirk the night they met when he thought she was the end-all and be-all of barmaids."

    Nice wisecrack at the end and please tell Mr Wiswell that Mr DeNiro is doin' alright with his full body of works. :-) ~ Absolutely*Kate

  13. I am keeping my fingers crossed for the fictional child.


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