Monday, May 4, 2009


I live deep within the heart of 'Soprano-Land' (the show was even shot on my block a few years back). In any case, being EYEtalian and all, I've never particulary gravitated towards the show beyond the casual level. I guess it's because I can't wear a suit without looking like I have lye and a shovel in my trunk. Don't get my wrong, I watched it, sure, but didn't really live and breathe it the way many fans have. I bring this up because today at the bakery, this is what I overheard and, to be honest, didn't think twice.

As I wait for my sandwiches, an unassuming (yet still very goombahed) voice behind me says on a cell, "Yeah, he made bail..."

Not even trying to be quiet he continued, "It was 250 -- two hundred and fifty thousand."

As I smirked in front, the convo got better when I heard him say, "No, no, no, he didn't get a racketeering charge, just the gambling."

After a pause he went on, "Well, our operation is in Costa Rica, his was is in the Dominican Republic so we're good."

"Yeah, I'm gonna be at the luncheonette in the morning so come on by and see me," he said, before clacking his cell shut.

After hearing these kinds of guys my whole life in places like this, the subtext of his last sentence didn't bother any of us on line since we were merely hearing just another Jersey guy at work.

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