Thursday, October 21, 2010


So much to love about this picture of actress Cathy O'Donnell... What a beauty.

In 1945, while under contract with Samuel Goldwyn, she made her debut in an uncredited role as a nightclub extra in "Wonder Man." The next year she had her first major role in "The Best Years of Our Lives," playing Wilma Cameron, the high-school sweetheart of double amputee Homer Parrish, played by real-life World War II veteran/amputee Harold Russell.

She was loaned out to RKO for one of her most memorable films, "They Live by Night" starring with Farley Granger. The two actors later reteamed in 1950, for another movie, Side Street. Later Cathy starred in "The Miniver Story," as Judy Miniver and also had a supporting role in "Detective Story." She appeared as Barbara Waggoman, the love interest of James Stewart's character in the western "The Man from Laramie."
Her final film role was in Ben-Hur, where she played the title character's sister, Tirzah.

O'Donnell died of a cerebral hemorrhage brought on by cancer at the age of 46, on her 22nd wedding anniversary.


  1. I did not know who she I know.. what a beauty....

  2. She sounds like a rare one (especially considering the 22nd wedding anniversary) and that photo is great. She looks sexy and sweet all at once.

  3. It is a beautiful picture and, like Lynne, I didn't know who she was. Now I feel sad for her. Sigh.


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