Monday, October 11, 2010


Another Sunday, another pretty damn decent episode of "Boardwalk Empire" ... perhaps the best of the season.

The theme of duality or being on the run was pretty apparent in last night's episode "Anastasia." Named for the Russian princess who may or may not have been on the run (and settled anonymously in America), we see shades of her in Margaret Schroeder, perhaps wanting to adapt to a lifestyle seemingly like Nucky Thomspon's girlfriend Lucy. Then there's Pearl -- Jimmy Darmody's new squeeze who tells him she wants to eventually venture out to La La Land and make pictures. And then Jimmy telling Al Capone that he's just passing through and laying low so no one will see him.

There are even two Nuckys -- the backroom savvy deal maker and the frontroom politician who can so very easily charm a wonderful lady like Margaret. Like Anastasia herself, we can never usually tell who these people are. It depends who they're talking to and what they want at the moment.

And don't even get me started on that awesome Chalky White scene...

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