Saturday, September 19, 2009

MORE THAN ENOUGH (flash fiction)

This was the answer to a counting counting challenge... Tell a story using one, two, three... at the start of each sentence.

One time was all it took for me to be pushed.

Two beers and a jukebox tune into my night, I watched them walk in and I dreaded what would follow.

Three ugly dudes with Brillo pads for beards decided that this was the night they'd wreak havoc on an otherwise peaceful joint and saddled up to me at the bar.

Four typists getting the jump on happy hour drew straws to see which one of these hoods would park their boots underneath their beds.

Five minutes, that's all it took, for one of them to start in with me - a poor schnook with glasses and a book.

Six lessons of karate, that's all I had, but it was more than enough.

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