Saturday, September 26, 2009


OK... Making this one was fun. I'm reposting this here on my blog because YouTube seems to take down every video made that doesn't have their "sanctioned" music attached. Bummer.

So, that said, there are plenty of Kerouac videos out there. This is a short video I created that tries to capture the aura, essence and bravado of the tough guy scribe. Have a scotch for me, Jack, wherever you are...

And by the way, when in hell is someone going to make a Kerouac biopic?? Looking at him in some of these portraits, I nominate Daniel Craig. Yes... James Bond. They sorta look alike.

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  1. This sis awesome.. you did this? hell yeah, love it.. and i am crazy about those 2 words, "photographic love"' classic..

    Makes me want to go read some Jack.. now..


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