Monday, August 2, 2010


Well, it must be awards season in the Blogosphere. In the past couple of weeks, we were fortunate enough to receive The Fabulous Flash Award twice.

Yesterday, the talented Michael Brown has awarded Bukowski's Basement with the Versatile Blogger Award.

You can find his eclectic stories and observations by him and many talented contributors HERE.

As a recipient, I'm supposed to let you know 10 things about myself. Last week, I shared 10 so I may be at a loss but hmmmmm, let's see...

1. In high school (at an all boys school), I lettered in the newspaper and almost put it on my letterman sweater. Geeky. I know...

2. I've never read "The Catcher in the Rye" and don't really want to.

3. While the dream gig would be to work as a writer in TV or film, I'm most inspired by music.

4. On that note, some of the best concerts I've been to include Sinatra (a hunka times), Sammy Davis. Jr., Michael Jackson, Brian Setzer and Marc Anthony. The lamest? Jack Wagner. There was a method to that madness, I assure you.


5. I had Sly Stallone posters framed on each one of my walls growing up -- even on the closet door. To this day, I will watch any Rocky film anytime it's on -- even with commercials. Lord help me if there's a marathon.

6. Speaking of marathons, I live for Rod Serling's "Twilight Zone" marathon every New Year's on the SiFi Channel.

7. On my first car date, I locked the keys in my car and had to call my dad to rescue us. For the record, it was an October evening out to see a little flick called "Dirty Dancing."

Andrew Dice Clay

8. I snuck (or is that sneaked) into the Playboy Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City when I was 17. Um... I was asked to leave.

9. Andrew Dice Clay (at right) made mince-meat outta me one night on stage in '89. When I interviewed him years later, I didn't remind him. A few years after THAT, he almost got me again, this time in Vegas -- thank God the guy next to me was wearing khakis.

10. I've never eaten an actual orange. I hate pulp and won't drink juice with even the slightest hint of pulp. I get most of my nutrients in pill form.


OK, now for the fun part... I'm supposed to bestow this on 10 other bloggers but ... since I don't want this award to spread like the Black Death in medieval Europe, I'll slow down it's growth and only give it to five worthy recipients.

1. Conversations from Land's Edge - Hosted by Alan W. Davidson, one day you're reading flash fiction, another you're reading his eclectic film reviews and another he's in a red fez. Like being at your best bud's house...

2. Bella Vista - Themed after writer Pamila Payne's fictitious (and dreary) motel -- The Bella Vista -- explore this wonderful noirish landscape of dames, crooks and (anti-) heroes that spend time there. Settle in cuz these tales are second-to-none.

3. Omitted.

4. I've quickly become a fan of Tomara Armstrong's This, That... The Other Thing. While it's mostly flash, she brings it with her tight and crisp pieces. Nothing better than snappy flash and that's primarily what you'll find here.

5. With blog titles like "Open a Vein" and "Time Bombs and Kisses," Kat Del Rio's eclectic joint Crooked Tales is a mish-mash of noir, macabre, smut and sweetness in a tasty jambalaya of poetry and flash. Eclectic and truly original.

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  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. Snuck, sneaked...I never know either. :)

    Congrats to you and your picks!

  3. Lol. How am I meant to top the list? 10 things about me that no one knows? Hmmmm...could be scary. ;)

    Thanks for the award Ant! I'm truly honored, Chico. I'll post about it tomorrow. :) have a famous enemy, huh? Sweet. :D

  4. Awesome.. most deserving you are.. and I love your 10-lists..

    Way to go BB!!!!

  5. awe. Thanks so much for the award and all the nicey stuff you said *melts*

    I still watch the twilight zone marathon too. LOVE IT! I just read Catcher in the Rye last year, and I really liked it.


    I locked my keys in my car... with it running on my wedding day... at walmart. I can't remember what was so dire it required a trip. I think it was socks or something LAME. I was lucky my mother had a key; she had to come bail me out.

    You're awesome, Anthony. Thanks again!

  6. Thanks Anthony! You deserve multiple awards for your consistently cool blog, fine fiction writing and charismatic personalty. Guess I'm going to have to go do a post on my blog too now...

    How can someone so into noir not like pulp? ; )

  7. Fine list of "unknowns" shoulda bopped Clay on his ass...if it wasn't for Ford Fairlaine, I wouldn't even know who he was...

  8. Figures Pamila would beat me to the pulp joke punch.

    Great job on the accomplishment, Anthony. You really had it coming. Not everybody merits being burned by the Diceman.

    Also, swell to hear about the award. Keep that tie crooked and those fingers moving, buddy.

  9. Thanks, Ant! Especially for including me in such fine company. I can make up stuff about Kat if she likes...

  10. I would've liked to hear the Andrew Dice Clay bit. What was he like to interview??? Thanks for sharing such cool info. and congrats on the award!!!

  11. @ RaShelle... Dice was actually a very very cool dude. Nothing like you would expect.

    That said, the comics I interviewed that I was stoked for, always turned out to be jerks...

  12. Great list! I got a great chuckle picturing you sneaking into the Playboy Hotel. And I'm totally with you on Sly. If I happen to come across Rocky (any of them) on TV, any plans for that evening are off. :)

  13. No way Alan! You know too many of my secrets. :o

    I'll think of something. Lol. ;)

  14. I've never read Catcher in the Rye either. It seems like one of "those" books, that you have to read sometime, but everyone keeps telling me the characters an idiot, so... manana, manana.

  15. I need to know why you've not, nor will ever read "Catcher in the Rye"??


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