Tuesday, August 17, 2010


IS THERE A CREAM FOR THAT?: You know how they say there's a book out there for everyone?

Try this one on for size: "The Haunted Vagina"?

It centers on some dude named Steve and his girlfriend, Stacy — who has a haunted vagina. Apparently it doesn’t seem to bother Stacy, but Steve can’t get over the odd noises and zombies coming out of her vagina, so he crawls inside to check it out. Bizarro Fiction at its most... uh .... bizarre. Check out more ridiculous book titles HERE.

* * *
R.I.P: Elaine Koster, the maverick publisher and literary agent who had a keen knack for discovering new talent has died at 69. She was most famous for giving a second chance to an obscure horror writer named Stephen King. She also took on an unknown Khaled Hosseini who wrote "The Kite Runner." Click HERE to read her appreciation.

"He loved Big Brother"

LAST RITES: As scribes, we've all read scores of books -- both good and bad. For the most part, it's those opening lines of the text that usually grab us. I know a few people that won't continue a book if the opening graf is crap.

But what about the red-headed stepchild of opening lines -- closing lines? Somehow we always seem to recall the first page that leads us into the encompassing shroud of a wonderful book, but it always seems the last line we read doesn’t quite pack the same familiar punch.

For 20 famous closing lines from famous classic novels, click HERE.

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  1. Famous last lines...never thought of that! Might have to do some thinking...
    As for the bizarro novel...might just give it a miss, thanks!!

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  3. I had to click on this post just because of the bizarre title. What goes on in the mind of people?

    That's an interesting bit about last lines. I guess in novelsthe last line doesn't mean as much as it does in shorter fiction. With short fiction the last line can make or break your story. Dickens probably has the most well known one on that list, but Tolkien has the best.

  4. Anthony Venutolo, I had no idea you read Bizarro books. How much cooler can you get? Now I have to admit, I haven't read this one, although it's been suggested many times. I guess the thought of zombies coming out... well you know... grosses even ME out. LOL

    High five, bud. You rock.

  5. I'm thinking that this Vagina should get together with "Safety Sam".

    They would make uhmm,..quite the couple! ;-)

  6. Zombies? No... no, that'd bother me.

  7. I actually recognized some of those lines.
    And, oh, Old Man and the Sea... I have to revisit that book soon.
    Your bizarro books... heh.... when i got married the first time my friends had a stagette for me. I had a newspaper column back then called Chatterbox (I didn't name it, don't blame me), and my friends actually found a porn flick with the same name. While there were no zombies, there was plenty of, um, conversation coming out of that anatomy.


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