Wednesday, June 16, 2010


As writers (and creators) should we be afraid of Apple? While that may sound a tad melodramatic, it's not that ridiculous of a question.
That's the question, I posed the other day and people seemed to respond strongly. Michael Solender, non-fiction editor at Full Of Crow offspring On The Wing, wanted to pick up my piece.

It's a great and thought-provoking site that features essays, opinion, columns and more on issues that matter.

Check out my link and others, HERE.

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  1. If an image is copyrighted if someone fucks it up... it's like distruction of private property. I am sure they can be sued.

    After a while they are going to tire of people threatening to sue (and fixing the problem) that they will quit censoring it all together.

    It is irritating none the less.

  2. Apple makes great computers. I don't use anything else. Still, I don't agree with what they're doing. I guess the best answer is simple: complain loudly and if nothing is done, don't buy their product.
    When enough people like you, Anthony, complain publicly something will be done.

  3. Some valid points on the censorship issue. We're going to see a lot more of this in the near future as certain groups try to throw a lassoo about the wildwest world of the Internet.

  4. No-one should be able to tamper with what has been created, be it writen or an image. If people threatened to sue them, I'm sure it would stop.

  5. I really can't believe the arrogance that comes into play in changing an artist's work. Reminds me of that Simpson's show about the statue of David.

    Hubby bought an iPad as soon as they were available here. My opinion - Meh. Sure the technology is cool, but my netbook can do everything it does, and much simpler.

  6. I am appalled that any company come in and censor what I may see or read. That's my choice to make, not theirs.

  7. I'm utterly baffled. I just want it there. I'm smart enough on my own to figure out what offends me. I don't need others to figure that out for me.

  8. I didn't intend to be anon. It's Kim/FreshGreenKim... I wasn't able to log in. (head scratch)

    Anyway, I'm grateful you provided such a lively topic.


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