Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Prolific Canadian blogger and writer Cathy Olliffe has been doing a wonderful job highlighting American writers at her site Life on the Muskoka River in a special series that she is calling American Weeks.

In addition to such varied and talented material by the authors, Cathy conducts spectacular and thorough author profiles with meticulous attention to detail. It's always fun finding out more about my fellow bloggers and Cathy's rich interview pieces provide such great tidbits.

That said, it's my turn to borrow the keys to Cathy's blog and take it 'round the block. I hope you enjoy. I know I certainly enjoyed participating Cathy's interview.

Please check my interview and two pieces HERE. Small caveat, the interview is a tad long, I sort of rambled in my answers to Cathy. Hey, it was my first one...

And also please feel free to read the other stateside scribes profiled in the American Weeks series. They're a talented bunch.

Peggy McFarland
Mark Kerstetter
Carrie Clevenger
Eric J. Krause
Shannon Esposito

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  1. Nice of you to plug your fellow American authors, Anthony. I'll head over for your piece now. The intro looks massive.

  2. You're a gentleman, and writer to be admired. I'll check it out.

  3. fantastic interview. and i loved the poems that they included in the, we would've had a kick ass flip chapbook.

  4. I just checked it out. Great interview. The poems were top notch too. Honeymoon at the Atomic was the first thing I ever read by you, Ant, and I was wickedly impressed. Still am.

  5. You know I'm going to drop in for a read...

    And don't forget to add Michael J. Solender to the list...

  6. I hope you didn't do a cookie in her yard:)

    Going to check it out now.

  7. I'm on the way. I know it will be great.

    Jeanette Cheezum

  8. yo ant, the photo was worth the trip alone, I here Jersey Boys is looking for a new lead, can ya sing?

  9. That has to be one of the coolest interviews I've ever read. The pic of you with the dice- hawt and classy. I was thrilled to read Honeymoon at the Atomic again. Amazing. Huge admirer of yours, Ant.

  10. "If that doesn't make subconscious fodder for creative writing somewhere down the line, I don't know what would." < There's always an Ant line I find that I just wanta wrap into and feel the vibes roll ... Pulling this one out of your cool'ass city slickerness as Ms Cathy of American-Pie-high salutes did was the cool cat's purrrr.

    RatPack pal, no flim flam film man o'the Beat be You. You're aces in a flush deck with a joker's eye to what's up high on the bye and bye. You're the real deal in cat's pajamas (cool cat's) and snappin' fingers to the beat that jives his mind as the jazz plays and the bourbon pours, neat.

    Mr V, I fell in love with your vibes, verse for all the better and no worse the first time you walked your Atomic into a gin joint of all the gin joints in all the world we both happened to sip at. I thank God Catholic school boy for that moment. Your screenplay's gonna hit, and by the way, you're already a hit over AT THE BIJOU as the astute barkeep with a shelf full o'secrets at the Lucky Shot. There's poetic justice everywhere, ain't it da truth?

    Lovin', always lovin' the style and wile of your consummate guile, Ant - and the missus ain't so bad of a LexieCon either.

    Humbly said, Amen,
    ~ Absolutely*Kate


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