Tuesday, April 26, 2011


... So embrace it. Deal with it.

Blog Buddy Ed Gorman gave me the original heads up on this little nugget and I thought it would be apropos to pass it along.

In February, e-Books hit a major milestone. According to Association of American Publishers (AAP) sales figures, eBooks ranked as the top format among all categories of trade publishing.

E-Book sales totaled $90.3 million for the month, expanding 202 percent compared to the same period last year. YOWZA...

Here’s more from the AAP: "This one-month surge is primarily attributed to a high level of strong post-holiday e-Book buying, or ‘loading,’ by consumers who received e-Reader devices as gifts. Experts note that the expanded selection of e-Readers introduced for the holidays and the broader availability of titles are factors."

Did you hear that? Get on board, everyone. Dust old those old manuscripts because it's great news for scribes everywhere.


  1. I've succumbed, Anthony. I've not been a great fan of them as I still love real books but it is obviously the way forward. My wife has offered to buy me a Kindle for Fathers Day. I've took her up on the offer!

    On top of that, it opens the door to getting our own work out there, which is something I will be looking into.

  2. I never thought I'd want a Kindle but I have one and I love it for a zillion reasons, not the least of which is being able to read indie authors who were rejected by traditional publishers.

  3. Such a swell will die down - this surge is because people have a new device and are buying stuff on it. However, e-readers are the standard. That market will only continue to grow as e-reading technology expands in successful single-use platforms and other devices. Writers ought to have strategies for e-editions for the long term. It's why I was writing about this today on the BM's...

  4. I'm slowly becoming more of an e-reader fan. I love buying e-books from "local-web-bloggers."

    I'll never give up books completely, but the immediacy and convenience of getting what you want now, let's face it, that's that kicker right there.

  5. I am only resisting because I like to write in my books - I am going to break because I like to read lying down and Twains auto-biography is waiting to be read.

  6. I adore my Kindle!!!!! Publishing to it is easy enough too.

  7. I have a kindle app on my iphone. It has sucked me in. I love the accessibility.


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