Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Featured on 'Trailers From Hell': In the hope of winning a fortune, five Tijuana street urchins pool their meager earnings each week in order to buy a $2 ticket at the Caliente racetrack. Friendly American Mr. Jones places their bets, although he disapproves of their selections.

After losing for 11 consecutive weeks, the boys decide to make Jesus a partner in their venture. They steal a dime from the church poor box, add it to their cash, place their bet, and win $81,513. But they cannot find Mr. Jones, and they refuse to trust any other adult to cash the ticket for them. Juanita, the sister of one of the boys, contacts Jones in Los Angeles, and he promises to drive down the next day. But as he approaches the pay window he suffers a fatal heart attack, and the ticket blows off into a pile of rubbish. After a futile search for the lost ticket, the five boys return to the church and replace the dime they had "borrowed" from the poor box.

An offbeat B-picture that slipped through the cracks, this Tijuana-set saga was the debut feature of prolific TV director Boris Sagal. After several "Dr. Kildare" episodes, MGM assigned him to this as a test run before handing him the bigger budget Richard Chamberlain vehicle "Twilight of Honor."


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  1. Frank is singin' "You make me feel so young" in the background as I read this dynamo feel-so-young find you posted a link to AT THE BIJOU Ant. Glad I am, 'cause I got grin to grin (goes well with Friday afternoon pinot grigio) on how the kids let Jesus on in for the big ticket pony ride.

    You're Cool at the photo-finish line yourself Mr V. Thanks on this share. ~ Absolutely*Kate


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