Tuesday, July 6, 2010


...Or f#@cked up beyond all recognition.

Do you think that midieval scribes had to go through techie crap of their own? Like ... streaky ink? Or thin parchment? Anyway, this is just a short post to let everyone know that, as of yesterday or late Sunday, some (or pretty much all) comments left on entries on my blog are not showing up in the actual post.

After diving into the Google Blogger help forum (which is a great resource, btw), I saw that I'm not the only one. Scores of bloggers are going through the same thing. I suspect, it's a glitch in Blogger's new templates.

So until Google gets it's shit together and rolls out a real fix, I want everyone to know that I am still seeing comments that people leave via e-mail notification so, please, continue to leave your thoughts on posts if you feel compelled.

I would also appreciate knowing if anyone else is having this problem and if you can, please leave a small comment in this post... even if it's just a simple little "yo..."

** A last-minute search shows me that some of my post comments are retroactively showing up so who knows what the heck is going on.

As always, thanks for stopping by and reading...


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  1. A few of my comments have been eaten over the last day or so, and my template is not one of the newer ones. I don't know if that matters.

    I've been having trouble posting comments for a while now, off and on. Hope they get it sorted...

  2. Hey Ant...

    As you know, I'm posting the contest winners at my blog and have been having the same problem since late yesterday. A few comments posted during the night trickled in this morning but have recieved no comments since then. Ah, the good old days.

  3. Hmmm ... OK ... This blog post says 0 comments on the actual center well of the blog but here inside the comments field I see these two comments. And of course, I was notified via e-mail so I knew they should be here.

    This kinda sucks...

    Should we all just blame the heat?

  4. Anthony, I posted comments over at Alans blog, thanking people for reading my story. It never showed up so I did it again and the same thing happened. NOW, there are two comments thanking the same people. I've been having comment probs for the past few day though, even on my own blog and I'm on one of the original templates. It'll sort itself out I suppose.

  5. Yep. In fact, YOUR comment on my blog didn't show up until just now, even though you wre #2 in the chute. Also, my comment count says 3 but 5 are there. Hmmm.... I do NOT have a new template. I HAD a new template for, oh, about a day, but it was so weird I went back to my standard. And I've also had problems leaving comments on some blogs (yo Alan!).

    I'd suggest wordpress migration, but guess what? Same probs there last week.

    Must be the heat. Peace...

  6. Yo! Yes, problems... and so is Sam over at the Penny Dreadful. At least our ink isn't streaking.

  7. I haven't noticed any probs but you aren't the first to talk about it.

  8. Are these cocka-mamie comments working yet?


  9. Hey Ant...been having the same issues here. Hope you are getting this. I don't think we can blame the heat...its been in the negatives here for a few weeks.

  10. I doubt they're actually FUBAR. It's a nuisance, but likely not beyond repair. At worst they can restore whatever settings they changed and get things back in line.

    The nuisance I notice is that CAPTCHAs are malfunctioning multiple times (takes upwards of six entries before it recognizes I got it right) and that the number of comments is different from how many you actually have (it'll say 1 Comment, when if you click on the post, you'll see 12).

  11. Yeah. Me too. Comments haven't been showing, and some of mine seemed to be deleted. Sigh. Whatever. It's pretty much my luck anyway. ;p

    good to be here- I've missed your writes.

  12. hi all


  13. hi all



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