Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Well, Mr. Jon Strother of Mad Utopia, aka the grandpappy of #fridayflash certainly has started an epidemic with his viral award Fabulous Flash Award...

By now, it's been passed around more than a Thai hooker workin' overtime during Uncle Sam's occupation circa 1944. Um, you get the drift...

Yesterday, the wonderful and talented Gracie Motley, who blogs from Crone’s Cauldron Publications was kind enough to bestow it upon me as was Alan W. Davidson, the stately innkeeper at Conversations from Land's Edge last week. They both had very nice things to say about Bukowski's Basement and I appreciate it very much.

That said, I don't think I can pass it along to four new scribes in our community without hitting someone over and over. Instead, I want to hand it over to Absolutely-Kate Pilarcik and her blog At the Bijou.

On any given day, Kate may host friends from her vast writer community who produce eclectic flash or solemn poetry. On another, she'll surprise us with her rat-tat-tat-tatt lingo in a dazzling piece of flash of her own. Point being, she can spin a yarn and make you think and smile at the same time. Pop on over because she's a champion of writers, creativity and pretty much anything that zings to the creative gods.

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  1. Absolutely stunned.

    (Uh, I'll be back to say more ... but geeez Ant ~ you're the tip and top of a Cole Porter tune to me and well ... geez ... you humble me man, you do.)

    ~ Absolutely*Grateful Kateful,
    Believing in believers, loving writers, words and the way they dance (both words AND writers)

  2. I will have to take a gander and see what the fuss is all about.. thanks

  3. Fine choice, Anthony. Kate & the crew deserve all the recognition we can bestow!!

  4. Congrats Ant and Kate! Fine choices both. Peace...


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