Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Sometimes a story is all about context. Well that, and good editing. In the case of a TV show or movie, the way it's spliced together with music is also just as important.

Take this new film "George" about an average middle-aged man who seems to have it all. He just got engaged to the girl of his dreams and it's right then and there, the plot thickens.

Tragedy strikes.

His finance suddenly dies and George is pulled into a massive depression. He can't sleep, eat or do anything. He needs an epiphany and it's right around the corner. That epiphany is named Joey and it's the little boy he's about to adopt. It opens up his world.

While the film is just the kind of thing you would see in theaters circa late'90s, it's not what you might expect. It also doesn't star Kevin Spacey or Sean Penn or any of the other A-listers that you might find in this schlockfest.

Am I serious or is this a joke? Click after the jump to see what exactly this new film is . You won't be sorry...

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  1. This is tremendous. Did you have a hand in this, or are you just an admirer? Re-cutters have done some hilarious work lately, like The Terminator romance trailer. Have you seen that one?

  2. This is hilarious! My favourite is The Shining as a romantic comedy.


    Just priceless what these guys can do.

  3. HA! Also a HA to Laurita's and John's. Also saw Mrs. Doubtfire remade as a pedophile.
    Wacky, just wacky.

  4. That trailer is totally "spongeworthy!"

  5. @John ... No man... I didn't do it. I just wanted to share it.


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