Thursday, May 27, 2010


OK... so after an earlier video mishap for which I blame YouTube and their music rules, I'm reposting this video I made that most of my Basement dwellers might enjoy and that many probably haven't seen since I posted it over at the Six Sentences Ning site.

With the help (and glorious sounds) of Tom Waits, this is my ode to the diner lifestyle. Let's face it, we've all been there...

After a night of boozing or fun on the town, we seek out the comfort of the nearest 24 hour joint that serves up "eggs and sausage with a side of toast."

Be sure to take a look at the subjects and faces in the vid - they all have stories to tell and it's primarily why I think it came out pretty good.

Oh -- and extra points if you recognize the celeb in the last shot -- before the Bukowski's Basement logo. (It's an easy one, but a great pic nonetheless and one that I've never seen before of said celeb.) As always, please enjoy. It was one of the more fun video slideshows I've made...

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  1. Wow, great slideshow. The song is stellar, too.

    ...and that's a great photo of little miss Norma Jean.

    Makes me want to go somewhere for some battery acid coffee and pancakes at 2 am, but only if there's blues on the jukebox. :)

  2. These photos show so much humanity, life. The music and pics bring me back to a bowling alley my grandfather used to bring me too. He'd never bowl, but he loved the cafe. I remember the smell of cigarette smoke, burgers and fries. People chattering away, some worried, some happy as can be. It even had black and white tile like so many of these pics had. Didn't remember that until tonight. The bowling alley was old then, I imagine its torn down now.

    Thanks for sharing your slideshow and bringing back some fond memories.

  3. Excellent slideshow, sir. And great music selection. It's really oozing with atmosphere. I especially liked the photo near the end with the cook and waitress looking off to their right, she with the cigarette dangling from her fingers. Great stuff.

  4. I'm with Alan, that pix of the cook and the waitress was just amazing... (reminds me of my flash story this week)
    How many of these photos did you take? I mean, they're absolutely beautiful. And anything with Tom Waits, omigawd, that man has such greasy, sad style.
    Your work in this is obvious and well appreciated, my friend.

  5. the video was badass. Do another one soon.

  6. very very cool.
    that waitress in the pink outfit,!


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