Monday, January 18, 2010

SHE NEEDED A JOB (flash fiction)

Clark County was supposed to be her salvation. Instead it became her handicap.

When she got the call from her cousin that this town called Las Vegas was wide open with possibility, she hopped on the first bus clutching a suitcase and Harlequin.

Over the course of the four-day bus trip, she wondered what kind of job ol' cuz would land her. As a medium-shot for a gambling hall somewhere in the desert, maybe he'd get her something in the casino office, she thought. Even though her steno skills were just moderate, she did learn to type pretty well. At least that's what Mr. Bellog, her typing teacher, always said. But then again, he was sweet on her.

When she arrived at the dusty terminal, her cuz wasn't there. He was late. But he wasn't lying - he did have a job for her - as a counter girl in the casino's all-night coffee shop. She lasted just three days and when Gus the manager fired her, she knew what she needed to do.

She brought out only two dresses. Figuring the red one would entice the most, she headed into the lounge and straddled up to the first put-together gentleman she saw at the bar.

As she was escorted out by a patrolman, she realized she couldn't even do that right.

Sitting in the cell alone, all she kept thinking about was the money she wasn't making.


  1. The things a girl will do for money... :-)

    Nice piece, Anthony.

  2. Anthony, I kind of felt sorry for the broad. She had all the right intentions...then she couldn't even do them right. If she wants to jump on a plane to Oz....

    Great piece, mate!!!

  3. It's sad when even the *ASS*ets don't pay off—what is a girl to do? Let's hope the jail cell teaches her a thing or two ;)

  4. Nice piece of work. I felt bad for her when she left with ony a suitcase and a Harlequin (great detail). I think she's the type of girl who can get back on her feet pretty quickly.

    Another first class poem, Anthony.

  5. She'll probably come to realise that she was luck she couldn't even do THAT properly.

  6. Are you going to pitch this for #fridayflash on Twitter, Anthony? I think it would go over well with that crowd.

  7. Maybe the second dress would have brought her more luck.

    Nice piece of writing happening here.

  8. Oh dear, she needs a good job!

  9. Poor girl! She needed a better job than that.

  10. Very stylistic, I wonder how much of her maybe not wanting to really do that, made her get caught ? - if any

  11. Kinda sad, in a comical way. :)
    Welcome to #fridayflash!

  12. The picture with your story suits it perfectly... very film noir story, very Marilyn Monroe, very stylish, very much makes me want to light up a long, pencil-thin cigarette and put on some stilettos.

  13. I hope she made the most of her steno skill after this - and punched her cuz, too.

  14. I'm late getting to the friday flash stories. Glad to find your name included!

    I too loved the harlequin detail. Dreams come and dreams go, eh? You have an easy, immediate style.

  15. The red dress gave her away... she should have went for the other.

    I was told (by an ex), that prostitutes wear red shoes. I am pretty sure it's not true, but it sure does get attention.

    I am incredibly late for this one. I hope you can forgive me


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