Monday, January 4, 2010


I suspect we'll be seeing more and more of these kinds of stories.

Ten years ago, few imagined that by decade's end, people would be reading novels on cell phones. A lot has changed in the book world. The Kindle and other electronic reading devices have already started to make their mark, but they may begin to change the very words authors commit to posterity.

Check out this pretty detailed NPR (ick) piece and accompanying podcast which sheds light on this new landscape we're all about to experience.

To read the full piece click HERE.


  1. Interesting article. I never really bought the idea of ebook readers, but I got a Kindle for Christmas and I do love it.

    I disagree with what he says about the author not not being able to linger on the language. It saddens me to think that might be true.

  2. i'm all for more power to the writer. i got a kindle for sweetie's birthday and she LOVES it - an entire universe at her hands. How many times are you reading a review or see some book referenced only to never follow up and get it. now you can for a fraction of the cost. i am a tactile guy and the plastic device will never replace the "feel" of a book, but i gotta say this thing is damn cool and provides so much access i can't complain.

  3. I am mixed on e-books. I'll always prefer hard cover over plastic cover, but Michael made a good point as far as access to other writers' novels - it is easy, fast, and cheap and anything offering that, is going to take off.

    Maybe those who chiseled text feared ink and paper. Every progression involves a sacrifice.

  4. Me, myself? I find the advent of these e-readers quite exciting. As they progress, more and more people will have them. Plus, I predict that they may even be phased out (like Palm Pilots) and integrated into newer forms of technology like the Apple Tablet. Google is also working on one that is basically a thin touch screen computer that can do it all.

  5. An interesting though that, how the medium influences the form and content.

    You should phone this into the Dragon Page podcast, they're always discussing eBooks, reading, and writing on that show. You'd like it.


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