Friday, August 28, 2009


I found this amazing pic of my favorite cartoon character online by Rick Baker and just had to whip something up. Creepy...

In his younger days he was spry but now he's just impatient. At 94, he could still pack a punch, pulling triple duty mumbling to himself and sucking on a corncob pipe.

While his longshoreman days are long behind him, the love he holds for his dearly-departed 'goil' Olive remains as strong as the current he once sailed upon. As for his foundling, 'Swee' Pea, he's happily married and has a Swee' Pea of his own.

He doesn't do much these days but think about the old gang - that sweet moocher J. Wellington Wimpy, Sea Hag, Alice the Goon and even Bluto.

But then he he hears the latter's way too familiar voice call him a "one-eyed runt" and his can feel his still-muscular forearms start to tremble.

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