Wednesday, August 5, 2009

THE PIPE DREAMERS (flash fiction)

He met her on the highway.

She was sitting Indian-style on the side of her beat-to-crap Pontiac Fiero wishing she could find the spare, wishing she had AAA and wishing that someone would just drive by.

He was on his way to Tinseltown to write for the pictures and she was going to Vegas to become a full time poker player. By the time he managed to actually find the spare (which was in the front of the car) she knew that he was an interesting one.

And sure, they had about 17 interesting months before they went through what couples normally go through.

As he slammed the door, he swore he'd never call her again but 98 miles out of Reno he dialed their number.

And so he met her on the highway - again. Under the same street lamp.

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