Tuesday, July 13, 2010


George Clooney puts his best Cary Grant in the back seat for a film that the late Steve McQueen might have played in his earlier days.

"The American," is a drama/thriller directed by Anton Corbijn and an adaptation of the 1990 novel "A Very Private Gentleman" by Martin Booth.

The premise is simple: Jack is a master assassin. When a job in Sweden ends more harshly than expected, he vows to his contact, Larry, that his next assignment will be his last.

Jack reports to the Italian countryside, where he holes up in a small town and relishes being away from death for a spell. The assignment, as specified by a Belgian woman, Mathilde, is in the offing as a weapon is constructed.

Surprising himself, Jack seeks out the friendship of local priest Father Benedetto and pursues romance with local woman Clara. But by stepping out of the shadows, Jack may be tempting fate.

It's scheduled for release on September 1, 2010.

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  1. Mmmm ... yum - O. George Clooney, tattooed and shirtless, in Italy, planning a job... it's like strawberry shortcake, really, isn't it? I can hardly wait to see this one!


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