Friday, October 5, 2012

THE DOLL (#fridayflash)

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It was about two years ago when I found it buried within the walls of the attic as if it had been left behind by mistake. Looking back now, it had to be on purpose. Someone a lifetime ago wanted the doll gone and I let it out with one swing of a sledgehammer.

Don't get me wrong. The doll wasn't Chucky. At least that red headed little bastard had a sense of humor. Mine was just creepy. Odd things had a way of happening around the doll. Like the time the bookcase nearly crushed the puppy. Or when the fishbowl spilled near the outlet.

Or my heart attack.

I felt it's presence almost from the moment I would walk into the house. And call me crazy, but a few times I would swear that it changed outfits overnight. One afternoon about a year ago, I decided to toss it into a drum and burn it along with the autumn leaves. A cat howled in the distance. It was that little baby kind of howl that makes your skin itch with fear. But the doll was gone.

My friends all said I was nuts. Afraid of a little doll. If I had a family, I'm sure they'd say the same thing. But in my defense, the sun started shining again. My house felt nimble after a long dry spell. Eventually, I even finished the attic.

The first  mistake I made was not going to Ikea or some big box furniture outlet. I decided that antiques would finish the room better than that Swedish bullcrap wood. When I first saw the doll in the vintage shop, I went numb. Was this really happening and was I actually buying it? It was all kind of hazy after that.

I remember throwing it onto the front seat and fastening its seat belt as if she were alive. After that, I blasted my radio. The one thing I can recall was the smell of chicken from the Cluck-Amuck Chicken stand. I remember wanting some but the doll told me no. Maybe she was Chucky after all.

At least, that's the last thought I had before I hit that telephone pole.

Music: 'A Taunting Voice' by Død Beverte. It can be downloaded HERE


  1. love the punch to the gut delivered by how you spaced it out before "Or my heart attack". The rhythms were effective right throughout this story.

    marc nash

  2. Crazy or haunted? You left either possibility open. Well done.

  3. I like that one, Anthony. The questions raised at the end are awesome. Well done.

  4. Changes clothes, recommends a better diet. Really, there are much worse dolls to live with.

  5. Dolls and clowns are just plain scary. good'un, Ant. Tight and complete.

  6. What a great story. It's the perfect write of the Halloween season. It's succint and easy to read--which makes it enjoyable.

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  8. Hi, how's it going? I just shared this posting with a associate, we'd a healthy chuckle.

  9. I made a compiled post of Scary dolls that are best for Halloween pranks. Still, Chucky Doll is the spookiest of all!


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