Friday, October 28, 2011

LITTLE DEMON GIRL (#fridayflash)

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Not sure how else to put this but I think Sadie loved being possessed.

You might think that's a harsh thing to write but it's true. I remember hearing about her around town when she was around a year old. People called it a freak accident but the story always stuck with me.

One night, as a babysitter dry humped her boyfriends downstairs, Sadie crawled out of her crib and suffocated her big sister while she was sleeping.

My boy eventually went to preschool with her and at the time, I just figured that she was just a little snot of a kid. A few head butts and bloody noses later, I warned my wife to keep our son away from her.

Then again, maybe I should have warned my wife. I told her not to go to that Halloween party at school because she wasn't feeling well. But who was I to tell a fun mom what to do, right? She would dress up each year with the kid and that year it was some sort of female wizard made popular in some children's novel. Instead of buying an off-the-rack costume-in-a bag you see at Halloween superstores, she wanted to make her own and went into the attic for the materials. The costume was an elaborate success - save for the fact that it was impossible to get out of easily.

That day, when she went outside for a smoke, Sadie was slightly above lighting a Jack-o-Lantern in her classroom window. She threw the match and it ignited my wife and she was burnt to a crisp in that horrid costume. Sadie saw the whole thing and was the first to alert the teacher.

As I got drunk night after night, I couldn't help but hold that little girl responsible somehow. Was that wrong of me?

I muddled through the grief with my son and a few years later, we adjusted. When he was around 12 or so, the school held a graduation party during the day. As usual, there were all sorts of pot luck goodies that the parents brought in. I didn't cook but I did manage to pick up incredible pastries from an old Italian bakery a few towns over. I heard they went over quite well.

Ethan, my boy, complained that night of belly pain. I fluffed it off at first but it intensified in the middle of the night. The E.R. was packed but we managed to get in on the pediatric side but it didn't look good for him.

He died of peritonitis. That's an infection for those in the cheap seats. Apparently, fragments of a shoddy wooden toothpick managed to impale his little abdomen.

At this point, should I have been shocked to learn that Sadie brought in a certain treat that used toothpicks?

Digging deep in myself, I yearned for the will to press on. In the middle of the night, a lightbulb went off and I lived for only one thing...

I write this from a jail cell. It seems as though I tried to choke Sadie tonight but a bunch of dads on soccer coach duty managed to yank me off of her small frame.

That evil smile she shot me is burned in my brain and that's all I think about now. I look at the concrete cinder-blocks around me. My lawyer says I might be here a while... But I can wait.

It will be easier when she's older...

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  1. Oh, but little demon girl is redundant.... ;)

  2. Haven't read Flash Fiction in a long time....chilling return, excellent story

  3. Good Halloween tale, can usually picture a full story evolving from your short ones. I can see the sequel already though... the father getting out of prison, tracking down the girl and in the end finally killing her only to have himself be possessed and have the cycle continue...

    Also nice name choice, I know the actual Sadie Hawkins day doesn't have much to do with Halloween, but they always held the dances on Halloween when i was growing up so I make a connection there anyway with Sadie and all-hallows-eve.

  4. Excellent story. Quite a creepy atmosphere to it, while also being a straightforward telling. The picture and music made this perfect for the Halloween weekend.

  5. Cooked up from getting too wasted at the Paranormal Activity 3 premiere, Anthony? Regardless I enjoyed it, and thank you for sharing. Have a happy Halloween.

  6. Oh that was a creep feast! Good story Ant!

  7. Great Halloween story! Really creepy.


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