Monday, December 28, 2009


OK. Shameless self-promotion time...

My prose poem THE LAST MOMENTS OF PAPA H is now live over at Red Fez, a great online portal. The piece actually started out as a piece of flash fiction at Six Sentences that I eventually went on to rework.

Red Fez was founded in 2003 by independent author Leopold McGinnis and concentrates on publishing and promoting non-mainstream, but accessible work by underground and under-recognized artists. The site/zine is divided into a unique, searchable database style and is updated quarterly. Check 'em out... Great stuff.

My bloggin' buddy John Grochalski also has a killer piece over there. He's a guy you also may want to check out.


  1. That Red Fez is something else. Lots of raw stuff to be digested. Tangy, tart stuff for the most part.
    Your work shines. So does your buddy's but in a different way. I enjoyed those few minutes alone with lonely Papa H. Didn't want to see him go in the way we know he did, but you brought a strange intimacy to the moment. Too bad he couldn't foresee fans like yourself upcoming, or maybe he was feeding the myth.
    Anyway, you did a great job.
    Happy New Year to you and yours, Ant'.

  2. Elegantly and vulnerably told, Ant ... you have such a way with the words and the thoughts of the heart ... Well done!

  3. Yep, Red Fez is great and 'Papa H' is a suave piece of work.

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  5. The truly gifted always pay the ultimate price. Excellent angle of the dark side of talent.

  6. I remember this one from 6s! Particularly the jigsaw of broken glass. That visual and the mood left an impression on me before, and it does even more so now. Fantastic write, Ant! A great piece to be showcased in Red Fez.


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