Wednesday, December 16, 2009


OK... So we're all busy. Most of us can't eke out enough time to write or update our blogs much less READ. Imagine that? Us writers needing more time to READ.

In any case, heeding the call of many time-crunched readers (and I assume to the ire of all us scribes), two enterprising University of Chicago students have published "Twitterature: the World's Greatest Books in Twenty Tweets or Less." It's already been released in England and Australia and scheduled to be on American shelves on Dec. 29.

How about some examples? In "The Inferno," Dante texts, "Met a guy who ate all his children and actually feels bad for HIMSELF. Creeped me out. Couldn't wait to say, 'Peace, brotha, gotta split.'"

And then there's this lil' gem from "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, the bespectacled hero tweets, "OMG Hogwarts OMG I have two friends OMG magic OMG the Slytherins are Nazis OMG there is an EVIL WIZARD out to get me."

The 224-page book will include roughly 80 popular titles that includes "War and Peace," "The Da Vinci Code," and some new popular teen vampire romance.

Ugh... Hemingway is rolling over in his grave.


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  3. Unreal. Part of me absolutely hates twitter, the half loves it. But the whole twitterature thing? Uh, yeah, I won't be reading. The philosophical Harry Potter tweet is so funny. ;)

  4. Actually, I think it's pretty darned clever! I love the new word, "Twitterature."

    Rantings of the chronically aggrieved could be titled, "Bitterature."

    Those easily discouraged could write volumes of "Quitterature."

    Girls involved in child care could record their experiences in "Sitterature."

    And then there's Slitterature and Shitterature, but I won't elaborate on those.


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