Friday, March 11, 2011


Press play for some mood music

She was supposed to arrive at 8. At least that's what Mitchell told Brian.

Mitchell had an "in" with some of the guys at the Fillmore Hotel who often dealt with these ladies of ill repute and seventy-five beans was all it took. Actually, it was five for Mitchell, ten for his "in" (his bellhop brother) and sixty more for the chick. Any way you slice it, Brian was going to get it done. Tonight.

Understandably, he was nervous and made Mitchell stay until she arrived. Plus, if the 'lady' didn't show Brian would march Mitchell down to the Fillmore and get his money back.

Then the harsh knock. Brian immediately straightened his bow tie. "She's here..."

"You look like a dweeb with that Howdy Doody getup" Mitchell said.

"I wearing a tie. Nothing wrong with that. And besides, Howdy Doody doesn't wear a tie."

Mitchell held the doorknob. "There's a hooker in the hallway and you're debating a marionette's wardrobe?"

A harsher knock. "Hel-looooooooo. Is there a 'Brian' in there?"

Brian turned red. "Open that fucking door, Mitchell! The neighbors are gonna go apeshit and tell my folks. That's all we need."

Mitchell flung open the door and there she was.

"Well, aren't you cute?" she said rubbing her hand along Mitchell's belly as she strolled in.

"Thanks... " Mitchell said blushing.

Her eyebrows went up. "... But I didn't get paid for a gangbang."

Brian smiled nervously and asked her to come inside. "Oh no ... I'm leaving. You're here for Brian," Mitchell said waving his friend over, who, by now, was already in his boxers.

"He's a little overzealous..." Mitchell said, fishing for her name.

"Bubbles," she answered. "Bubbles McCoy."

"Excuse me, Bubbles?" Brian interjected holding a new Instamatic camera. "Can we take a picture?"

She smirked. "Sure, honeypie..."

"Mitchell, can you do the honors?" Brian asked handing over the camera.

Mitchell obliged as he whispered to himself, "What-in-the-fuck..."

As Mitchell prepped to get the snapshot, Bubbles said, "Wait a sec. This is all wrong..."

Stepping out of her skirt she muttered more to herself than the two boys, "Now ... That's a bit better. We match."

Brian tried to get a peak at her breasts but her white blouse was too bulky.

Mitchell squatted and looked into the camera. "Alright, say cheeeeeeeese."

Bubbles put her head on Brian's shoulder while he took in the smell of her hair. It reminded him of the cosmetics section at Bloomingdale's and after a few seconds, had to shift those boxers a bit.

Click. It was a keeper. "Well, I best be getting out of your hair," Mitchell said handing over the camera.

Bubbles smiled some more, took a swig of Brian's beer and said "Ah, what the hell, kid... Stick around. No need to rush off."

The two boys watched her saunter into the bedroom unsure of their next move.

"I'm waitttting...." was all they heard.

Music: The Supersonics - Guitar Boogie 1960. It can be downloaded HERE.


  1. Hey! A nice feel to the piece and very cool music -- finished a beat after I finished reading . . .

  2. Niiiice. With the music, photo and words I was catapulted back to a great old book by William Bradford Huey and a Jayne Russell movie made from the novel also very well done, glorifying a working girl in Honolulu prior to and during War II. The Revolt Of Mamie Stover. Cool.

  3. Another fine piece, Anthony. Reminded me the "Porky's" era, with the mood of the piece and the music.

    Venutolo at his best. Have a great weekend, my friend.

  4. You spun a great story about that photo, Ant! Nice job.

  5. Awesome, and the music and photo are perfect.

  6. Excellent story! Their nervousness was perfect.

  7. Ant, this is so cheeeeesy, and I mean that in a good way. :)

  8. Hey Anthony - Bubbles, huh??? Great writing. =D

  9. So Bubbles was the real McCoy?

    Natch, your tone on mood and "mood" really was a photo-finish Ant. ~ Absolutely*Kate

  10. That’s the vintage Venutolo tone, deep-fried in pulp. Nice to read your fiction again, Anthony.

  11. Awesome story, Anthony!! Really funny. I read it out loud to Dave and he laughed at the "hooker in the hallway" line. Where DO you find these photos????

  12. So, was the photo actually the inspiration for the story, Anthony? Or was the story basically true, with the photo to prove it? Inquiring minds want to know!

    Whatever it was, you wrote it beautifully. I actually thought I'd like to be "Bubbles" for just that one evening. ;)

  13. Oh so NOT true in the least ... I found this great piece of art somewhere online and saved it for the perfect time... I love it. GREAT pic!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by and reading...


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