Thursday, March 24, 2011


A month or so back, I received an e-mail from writer Adam Schirling, a gritty scribe who not only blogs from his own funky site but curates the underground-feeling blog/zine Drunken Absurdity.

Adam said that he wanted to feature me as one of the site's Revolutionary voices. I was instantly honored and told him that I would shoot him some stuff as soon as I could. But now the pressure was more than on. Revolutionary? That sounded all ... important. What would I send?

I quickly went to the site (which I suggest you also do -- some GREAT talent over there) to get an idea of what kind of material would be best suited for him. Here's what it said:

"This site is a revolution for those who cannot stand to be left silent on the roadside anymore. Those who walk the streets late at night, heads full of misery and booze, and a heart full of despair. Strippers, poets, homeless, drug addicts, boozers, fetishists, artists, ex convicts, and all others who refuse to stagnate in the shadows while an ignorant city moves around them. We will be heard. Our voices will sink into your soul, and make you see a whole new world.

We will go into the night to find those who have a story to tell. ...The world is ours for the taking. We will show them the darkness of human life, and the beauty that rises from pure filth. Embrace the Drunken Absurdity of the Human Experience..."

Great. Even more pressure... So after perusing the archives and punching up some material, I hope his audience appreciates what I gave him.

In any case, I'm flattered. I'm officially a 'revolutionary'... I hope you enjoy.



    I sipped
    and shared
    and sipped
    and drank in
    your voice

    You pressurized swell Mr V.
    ~ Absolutely*Kate

  2. I wear his jacket is one of my favourites of yours. Love that one.

    Revolutionary? For sure.

  3. Actually your work perfectly personifies the 'call to arms' that describes the site. Your poetry there is accessible and human; thought-provoking. The jacket piece is deeper than it pretends to be - gorgeous.

  4. (Wowzers - that Cathy Webster just ooozes insight, I mean it.)

  5. Of course you are a perfect fit for this site, your writing oozes this, "We will show them the darkness of human life, and the beauty that rises from pure filth." A revolutionary, indeed! The first two poems have always been two of my favorites. The third is a new one to me, and it sandwiches the first two perfectly.

  6. Terrific, Anthony! This is a great collection to have out there. And I'm lucky because I've heard you read enough that I can hear you read them. (Or is that a bad thing, having your voice in my head? Hm.)


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