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For most of us scribes, they are the very basis of our work. I want to share an interesting video that I posted on my Facebook page a few weeks back because I think it' effective on many levels.

In it's simplest form, the video is merely a one-minute teaser for the FX drama "Rescue Me." While I've never seen the show (I always have meant to jump on board), I've heard nothing but good things about it.

It centers on the professional and personal lives of a group of New York City firefighters in the fictional Ladder 62 / Engine 99 firehouse. The star of "Rescue Me" is veteran firefighter Tommy Gavin (Denis Leary) and his ever-troublesome family as they deal with real-life issues, be it post 9/11 trauma or domestic problems. Great premise.

The teaser below starts out innocent enough -- as we see our heroes in vintage-looking clips "from the cradle to the brave" As it builds, it wonderfully displays our heroes juxtaposed against a baseball training camp and future Yankee Hall of Famer Derek Jeter. * Be sure not to miss the World Trade Center as the ball players jog through their camp. Oodles of subtext.

While it's easy to see Tommy Gavin and company watching Jeter hit one out of the park in the firehouse, it's Jeter, who, while driving by, thinks these guys are life's real heroes. And justifiably so.

The cherry on top is the incredibly '70s retro Alicia Keys tune "Empire State of Mind."

It all works so please enjoy... It's the product of stupendous editing and a great musical and visual hook.

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  1. it may sound sappy but my hero is my wife. she is so stand up, all the time. unflappable in the face of..well you name it the worst. she is a rock and someone I know I can count on. A hero to me is someone to emulate, respect and admire for their character and convictions. call me a sap, but that ain't no sports dudes, no comic book guys, movie starts or celebs. it's neighbors and unsungs and for me, my very heroic missus..

  2. Mike... You're just so sweet ;)

  3. Ant, I know this is your blog but Michael, you are just the sweetest ol thing ever!

  4. He most certainly is... oodles of Southern charm. But cutsies aside, am I the only one that thought that vid was cool, tho?

  5. No, Anthony, you're not on your own. That was a cool vid...but Michael in sweet! :-)

    I'm an ex-firefighter myself. It's a long story. The banter and comradeship is well depicted in the tv shows and films but they know how to hype up the 'hero' side of things. I was based at in international airport so obviously fires weren't a common occurence, but I do have some stories to tell. :-)

    I must say though, Denis Leary is a fine actor in the show.

  6. Ant, Rescue Me is one of my favortie TV shows. Ive watched it from the begining. Denis Leary is one of the writers and acts in the show. He is very loyal to the New York City fire fighters. I've seen him interviewed several times. I can't wait for it to start up again. Thanks for the trailor.

    Mikey, don't every worry about sounding sappy. I feel exactly the same about my husband. It takes a man with integrity and strength to admit what you said, because we still have that good old boy mentality in some areas.

    Jeanette Cheezum

  7. OK, OK I confess -- I read your post at work and didn't want to click on the vid button and let the world know I was goofing off.. there, ya happy?
    So I watched the video, yes, it was cool, but I want to digress again ... am I the only one who thinks Denis Leary is HOT??????
    Sorry Anthony, the kids aren't behaving themselves today!

  8. And David? Your new picture is awesome.

  9. This is a fascinating video for me, mostly because of its perspective of a hero. It's extremely American. This makes sense, it being in NYC and all, but it makes me curious about how we define our heroes throughout the world. In New York it's about baseball, cheerleaders, firefighters, and all this together creates a sentimental (not in a bad way) picture of a good and heroic life. It isn't the same elsewhere, but everywhere will have their symbols.

    Thanks for sharing it.

  10. I thought the trailer was very cool as well. While not a regular viewer of the show, I have seen a number of episodes. I think it's great they have ressurected former stars like Tatum O'Neal, Marisa Tomei and Michael J. Fox.

    Oh, yeah...agreed, Michael is a sweetheart!

  11. Hello from Dublin, Ireland.

    Just found your blog this minute.

    Great work.

    I'll be back...


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