Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Mickey Mouse in Steamboat Willie (1928)Image via Wikipedia

Funny enough, Bukowski hated Mickey Mouse with a passion and often referred to him as "A three-fingered son-of-a-bitch who has no soul, for Christ's sake..."

For those who care, Mickey Mouse made his debut on November 18, 1928, in a black and white cartoon called "Steamboat Willie." The cartoon was written and directed by Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks. The title is a parody of the Buster Keaton film "Steamboat Bill Jr."

"Steamboat Willie" premiered at New York's 79th Street Theatre, and played ahead of the independent film "Gang War." Steamboat Willie was an immediate hit while Gang War is all but forgotten today.

Now check out Bukowski's dissing the beloved cartoon character...


  1. Which all beg the question:

    Why did Mickey leave Minnie?

    Because..get ready for it...she was fucking Goofy.

  2. I heard William Packard and Linda Lee Bukowski going on about Mickey Mouse and Disney with Linda attributing Charles Bukowski saying things, but I didn't hear Bukowski say anything about the mouse.


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