Friday, October 23, 2009


Good news. Two publications have accepted my work this week.

The first, Red Fez, is an online publication I've long admired. They will be publishing my prose poem "The Last Moments of Papa H." It actually started out as a piece of flash fiction at Six Sentences that I eventually went on to rework. It will be in the December issue of the zine.

Red Fez was founded in 2003 by independent author Leopold McGinnis and concentrates on publishing and promoting non-mainstream, but accessible work by underground and under-recognized artists. The site/zine is divided into a unique, searchable database style and is updated quarterly. Check 'em out...

The online and print zine Shoots and Vines will publish my short piece of flash "The Well" in their October print issue (and I suppose online as well). A big up to Michael Solender and his blog "not from here are you" for showcasing them in a recent post.

His words on Shoots and Vines: "Barely 1 year old, the unpretentious online lit showcase, Shoots and Vines, has become a well regarded platform featuring established and emerging writers who want to get their work out in front of those who appreciate the talent that abounds in the underground lit scene. With a primary focus on poetry and flash fiction, editor and founder Crystal Folz has tapped into an international cadre of writers and readers who have bookmarked the stylistic S & V, making it a daily stop for a solid dose of edible writes that typically don’t follow convention."


  1. Congrats Anthony, I am sure they are both brilliant pieces of work, as everything you do is.

  2. Well done Anthony! This is great, and if you can't tell us about your writing successes on your own blog where can you? It's not self-promotion, it's being a writer in the 21st century. Hurrah!

    I remember reading Solendar's piece about S&V. It's a really well-written review, and I'm not surprised it made you visit and submit to the site, but I must say I still have a distaste for the world "write" as a noun.

  3. Excellent Anthony! You have to be shameless in this business. Your writing is top-notch and classy. Thanks for the buzz on Shoots and Vines - I'm going to check them out.

  4. Thanks for the props Ant, your work will shine there, a great site..


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