Monday, March 2, 2009


I’m sitting in this lame eatery,
watching her laughing with
a couple of friends.
She’s sitting in the middle
talking to the both of them,
flicking her hair. The thing
I love is that she smiles
as if she knows friggin'
nothing about the world.
I find it cute in this
particular setting.

A few minutes later,
the bartender gives her
a drink, but from
where I’m sitting, I can’t
tell what it is.
Perhaps a beer? Hmmm.
She doesn’t strike me
as the white zin type.
Stay away from them.
But God, this one's cute.

From where I sit, she can’t
exactly tell that I’m taking
it all in - her gestures and
watching her tell the stories
she’ s sharing with the other two.
I can’t read lips either,
so I’m useless on that
front. All I can do is
enjoy my meal and envision
what could be for a mere
63 minutes with this girl across
the way. And for the
time being, my life
is completely different.

But then, after what seems
like a lifetime,
the waiter arrives with
my food and fucks it all up.
It isn’t long before I go back
to ‘yessing’ the wife.

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