Friday, February 18, 2011


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He went everyday to the museum to see those dark beaming eyes, that long lustrous hair and her half unsure smile. On or off his meds, this manic routine had by now had become a fixture of his life.

Oh sure, there was always some artsy liberal couple with their backpacks on a first date talking about such nonsense as Warhol and color blocking to ruin his time with her. He wanted the slap the lattes out of their hands.

They were so superficial. They weren't seeing the art he saw.

Someday somehow he knew he'd meet his exotic beauty and take her here -- but not to utter Warhol. Or to drink fucking latte.

Until then, though, he'd be content and diligent just staring at her staring back at him.

Music: "Terror (July 7, 2005)" by Fudgdubnofunk can be downloaded here.


  1. Love it, Anthony - on or off my meds. LOL =D

  2. I've always found Warhol more worthwhile away from theory and any semblance of his actual intent. Project away, on or off the meds.

  3. Have you read the last Delillo "Point Omega"? The start of that is all about an exhibition in the galley and is really interesting. I think you pitched this perfectly.

    marc Nash

  4. "her half unsure smile" - those few words paint such a vivid picture Ant! Wonderful short!

  5. Good story! Everyone sees art differently, eh? And everyone wants to slap the lattes out of the hands of those who don't agree with their interpretations, too, don't they?

  6. Great flash piece as usual, Anthony.

    Have a great weekend, bud!

  7. I think "on the meds" would result in a better ending for him.

    Really good!

  8. In the eye of the beholder - there's something to that. Great telling of the scene, Ant. I liked the "on or off the meds" detail too.

  9. Art is in the eye of the beholder -- perhaps that is why it has such a hold on us. Great story, Ant. Sometimes off your meds makes you feel more. Peace...

  10. He, he, he..."He wanted the slap the lattes out of their hands".

    I liked this one, Ant.

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