Friday, September 18, 2015


Editorial note: I've been meaning to get around to writing a review for TNT's new period cop drama "Public Morals" but work has been keeping me more than preoccupied. Nonetheless, I initially didn't have high hopes. For starters, TNT recently gave us the noir-stinker "Mob City," a retro drama playing dress-up and I must admit, I've never been a fan of that Kermit-like voice of series creator and star Edward Burns. Boy, was I wrong... This drama is miles ahead of "Mob City" ... Heck, it's even way ahead of the gorgeous "Magic City."

What the show gets right is the look of the Big Apple. If you flipped AMC's "Mad Men" upside down, you'd get this - the inner-city grime of the mid-sixties, warts and all. And plus, anything with the superb Michael Rapaport gets my vote.

In short, if you need a retro fix in the gloomy, back room world of crooks, molls, whiskey and guns, this just may be the show for you.

Enjoy the better-late-than-never review below from the Los Angeles Times (republished with permission from repubHub)

"Public Morals" is proof that even in this time of television's Great Overcrowding, one should never judge a show by its genre. In theory, Edward Burns' tale of cops 'n' gangsters mingling and mangling on the mean streets of circa-1960 New York is the last thing we need. Add a zombie menace and/or a female character…

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