Thursday, March 26, 2015


Win a copy of what noted scribe Salman Rushdie calls "Pure, muscular storytelling ... irresistible."

Every now and again a scribe comes along that grabs the industry by the short and curlys. Mark Wisniewski is THAT kind of scribe. In fact, 'Watch Me Go,' was one of the most-anticipated books of the year, receiving advance praise not only from Rushdie but Daniel Woodrell, Ben Fountain, Rebecca Makkai, Dan Chaon, Christine Sneed, Tim Johnston, and Ru Freeman.


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The book is the candid and insightful storytelling of love stories turned tragic by racism, sexism, and economic injustice. Two narrators, black and white, male and female, risk their lives by admitting how their pursuits of the American Dream soon fated their futures to betrayal, double-dealing, and proximity to horrific death.

Via publisher Putnam: Douglas “Deesh” Sharp has managed to stay out of trouble living in the Bronx, paying his rent by hauling junk for cash. But on the morning Deesh and two pals head upstate to dispose of a sealed oil drum whose contents smell and weigh enough to contain a human corpse, he becomes mixed up in a serious crime. When his plans for escape spiral terribly out of control, Deesh quickly finds himself a victim of betrayal—and the prime suspect in the murders of three white men.

When Jan, a young jockey from the gritty underworld of the Finger Lakes racetrack breaks her silence about gambling and organized crime, Deesh learns how the story of her past might, against all odds, free him from a life behind bars.

Interweaving Deesh’s and Jan’s gripping narratives, Watch Me Go is a wonderfully insightful work that examines how we love, leave, lose, redeem, and strive for justice. At once compulsively readable, thought-provoking, and complex, it is a suspenseful, compassionate meditation on the power of love and the injustices of hate.

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  1. It's a kick to see Mark receiving such high accolades. A+ writer and a great, down-to-earth guy. He taught the creative writing class I took in college. Pointed me in the right direction. Cool to see you pimping his latest. I still got a soft spot for his early work "Confessions of a Used Car Salesman."

  2. He just came on my radar... I'm going to make a point and look him up on my Kindle.


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