Thursday, August 11, 2011


Next on my reading list and released about two weeks ago.

Via AMAZON: Tom Waits, even with his barnyard growl and urban hipster yawp, may just be what the Daily Telegraph calls him: “the greatest entertainer on Planet Earth.” Over a span of almost four decades, he has transformed his music and persona not to suit the times but his whims. But along with Bob Dylan, he stands as one of the last elder statesmen still capable of putting out music that matters.

Journalists intent upon cracking the code are more likely to come out of a Waits interview with anecdotes about the weather, insects, or medieval medicine. He is, in essence, the teacher we wished we had, dispensing insights such as: “Vocabulary is my main instrument;” “We all like music, but what we really want is for music to like us;” “Anything you absorb you will ultimately secrete;” “Growth is scary, because you’re a seed and you’re in the dark and you don’t know which way is up, and down might take you down further into a darker place . . .;” and “There is no such thing as nonfiction. ...People who really know what happened aren’t talking.  Show More

"Tom Waits on Tom Waits" is a selection of over fifty interviews from the more than five hundred available. Here Waits delivers prose as crafted, poetic, potent, and haunting as the lyrics of his best songs.


  1. Waits is great. Rain Dogs is one of my favorite albums...

  2. Being I grew up a Jersey Girl, my favorite song of all time anywhere is Jersey Girl. His voice is so throaty and the words are so strong. He is an icon!

  3. Tom Waits! The most famous musician that no one's ever heard of.

  4. Ant, that Twitter tiny url you asked me about is not me, a web forgery warning came up, and I could not message you on Twitter as you are not a follower of mine, lol.


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