Thursday, December 23, 2010


These vintage Christmas ads are just simply hilarious and certainly proof positive that things have certainly changed in the country since the golden age of advertising. As always click each pic to enlarge.

1) Nothing says stocking stuffer for dear old dad like a Zippo... "G'head kids... Burn that house down. Just be sure to have fun!"

2) She really cares about her home and you really care about her... The perfect gift? A Hoover of course!

3) Do you love your man? Splurge and give him a dozen boxes of Luckies! Hopefully, he'll be alive for next Christmas when you can give him an iron lung.

4) A woman never forgets a man who remembers... Do you want all of your mistresses to love you? Invite them all over for the holidays and drop some candy on them. They'll be tickled pink!


  1. Those were great, Ant. The Zippo one really cracked me up. Imaginge if they were in mags today?

  2. Oh man. These were priceless. I think the cigarettes would be a better idea if his gift to you was signing a big life insurance policy.


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