Wednesday, September 22, 2010


This may be the closest we get to a new James Bond film for quite some time. In April 2010, EON Productions suspended development of "Bond 23" indefinitely due to MGM's crippling debt and uncertain future.

The film series has grossed over $4 billion (nearly $11 billion when adjusted for inflation) worldwide, making it the highest grossing film series ever.

So that said, enjoy this shagadelic opening sequence for the videogame "Bloodstone: 007" out Nov. 7. It has all the trappings of your typical sexy Bond opening -- cars, babes, diamonds -- hot. Plus a killer tune as well by Joss Stone, "I'll Take It All."

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  1. Hi Anthony - The trailer was good. The title wasn't very original though, huh? Hope you're having a great night.

    Oh, and I meant to tell you I loved the post you did on Sly. I read it, but didn't get a chance to comment. Rocky was one of my fav movies as was Rambo (I know, I'm a girl, it shouldn't be true, but I'm weird).=D


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