Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Hemingway's writing room.

Ah, the man cave...

We creative types all need one (even of you're a chick). It's a place where we feel at ease. At home. Calm. A place where we can kick up our feet. We throw around ideas. Pace the room. Have a drink. Maybe watch a little TV, read a book or in modern times, peruse our favorite blogs.

In the past, some dudes may have had a workshop or exiled to the garage (poor SOBs). At the end of the day, though, the man cave should be a sanctuary -- the place a man could call his own.

The Art of Manliness has posted a glimpse of "man rooms" of 14 famous men from history. Within them, they formulated ideas that would change the world, wrote books that remain classics, and revitalized the dynamic manliness that drove their success. While we all can’t have a Carnegie-esque study, perhaps you’ll find inspiration from these manly spaces to spruce up your own room or simply the push to find a place where you can get away from it all and in tune with your manliness.

BTW, I wanna live in some of these pictures... To see them, click HERE.

The pic below is a favorite corner in my own cave.

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  1. Now I know what's missing from my cave...the bar! I've just moved my office into my quilt room and I'm still putting things together. Pretty soon it will become my creative lair. Right now it's just a mess! I can't believe how light and airy Hemingway's is.

  2. I'm off to have a look, Anthony, but that's an awesome corner you have in yours! If I ever get to your neck of the woods, I know where to come for a good whisky!


  3. I have to say the pic of your room is much more appealing than any of the photos of the man caves... :)

  4. Do I see a Glenfiddich on the lower shelf?

    Nice cave..good tastes in spirits..

  5. Oh man, my favorite is your place actually. Might have something to do with the single malts on view though. ahh.


  6. Loving your cave! Holy moly, Anthony, your room looks just like you!
    Never have I seen a room more perfectly matching the persona of its owner.
    Now, off to look at other rooms.

  7. Your cave looks exactly like the kind of place I would picture you in.

    You always have the most interesting stuff on here. I love Andrew Carnegie’s Study. I'd like a room like that.

  8. You write it. You read it. And it looke like you live it.

    Love the trumpet and the old photos. Everything is so perfectly organzied. Did you do that or did someONE else?

  9. All me, RaShelle... Well, some help from the misses, who also enjoys the beer tap in the pic.


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