Monday, April 13, 2009

FROZEN IN THE KINGDOM (flash fiction)

Recently at Six Sentences, there was a challenge posted that had entrants use the concept of cryogenics. This is what I came up with...

The Magic Kingdom was obviously filled way with too much sword and sorcery for Little Sally not to wander off at closing time.

Intuitive and knowing full well her parents would find her eventually, she took a quick left turn at Captain Jack Sparrow's wooden knife sculpture (a new logo for the "Pirates of the Caribbean" ride) which led to a secret winding cement path.

Yup, if only the 'Mouse House' geeks knew that finding the infamous Disney tunnels was that simple.

Funny enough, in the brightly-lit labyrinth of corridors, no one seemed to question the little girl with the Cinderella wand who seemed like just another prop after hours.

Six left turns led to a drippy stairwell where she found him behind a plexiglass enclosure -- frozen and blue -- surrounded by duplicated liquid nitrogen canisters and refrigerated at minus 180 degrees.

Just barely able to read and staring at his blank smile, she was able to muster out the four letters on the brass nameplate into one full-sounding word, "WWwwwalt..."

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