Monday, December 15, 2008


Of all poeple, Kim Kardashian on Spike TV introduced the video game adaptation to the long rumored game, EA’s "Dante’s Inferno." Based on the first book in Dante Alighieri’s trilogy “The Divine Comedy,” it's an epic poem about Dante’s travels through the three stages of the afterlife, guided by poet Virgil.

In the first book, "The Inferno," Virgil guides Dante through nine rings of hell. Each ring houses different class of sinners. As you get deeper their crimes get worse. The trailer for the game breifly outlined each of the 9 rings and showed short clips of each ring.

It appears as though the player will be some sort of crusader that is traveling through the rings. Being that it is an incredible story you can bet that the game will already have an incredible storyline.

It was reported last week, that Johnny Depp is quite interested in appearing in a film adaptation. Would be awesome. In any case, check outthe creepy vid (which seems to have borrowed its look from David Fincher's "Seven."

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